Rosehip Seed Body Lotion

Photo by Patrick McDowell


I love this blend!  It is so far my favorite.  It is nourishing to skin, hydrating, and balancing.  I added an essential oil synergy of Frankincense papyrifera, Jasmine (dawn blooming), Clary Sage and Neroli for a Centering, enlivening while relaxing, optimistic, soothing, and uplifting blend  — and a very pleasant scent!

I also left some as a lotion base so I can custom flavor for you based on your needs and what appeals to you.

Ingredients: rosehip seed oil, organic virgin coconut oil, Maui beeswax, chamomile hydrosol, Maui aloe vera, and vitamin E.

4 oz $32.00
2 oz in a lotion pump bottle $20.00

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