Minding your Mindstuff follow up

Follow up talk on Quantum Physics and Yoga

Meditation, Spiritual torture? or Spiritual escape!?  For me it was more of an escape!  Start with a 3-5 minute meditation, here are a few tips:

  • Find a comfortable sitting position — don’t let anyone tell you how to sit … other than with good posture.  You want to feel comfortable for this.
  • Its nice to have your hands in your lap, they can be in jnana mudra, lying palms up on your lap, on your knees or wherever you can allow your shoulders to relax.
  • Tongue on the roof of your mouth
  • Close your mouth, part your teeth and relax your jaw.
  • Breathe only through your nose.  Slightly flare your nostrils with each inhale.
  • Take your breath a little slower and a little deeper, working toward a 4-5 second inhale and a 4-5 second exhale.
  • Allow your abdomen to expand on the inhale and soften inward on the exhale.
  • Feel as if your whole body is breathing, every cell in your body does take in O2 and give of CO2 …
  • Sit with this for a few moments

Pay attention to how you feel now. Calm.

Are there ways you can have this feeling while you are at work? Or driving? Cooking dinner … shopping …?

You want to pay attention to not get too far from this feeling in your everyday life.

When you feel like this, your heart is more efficient, your breath is deeper and slower, your body heals, repairs, fights disease.

The farther away you get from this feeling, the less your body can repair and take care of itself.

Find ways in your life to operate like this.


And remember your tools to slip out of it … your thoughts, your breath, your posture, your bandhas ….

This is what all this yoga is about.  Your nervous system, and ultimately your thoughts.

What are you thinking?

This has led me down a path that ended in Quantum Physics …

My spirituality has become today’s science !

Where thought goes energy flows … which gives your thoughts some power.

Your belief system is more powerful than your genes, more powerful than any medication you put in your mouth, and even more powerful than eating 9 cups of vegetables per day.  Our mind is strong and can influence our body and our quality of life greatly.

Your thoughts effect every cell of your body!

In the book The Biology of Belief  by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D a cell biologist will forever change how you think about your own thinking. He proves the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning effects all the cells of your body — literally your cells are affected by your thoughts.

Through biofeedback we now know what the yogis said about ‘where your thoughts go energy flows’ is true. When you think about a certain organ in your body, you increase not only blood flow to that area but lymphatic and neural flow, etc. as well.  Because of this there is now a renewed interest in looking at the power of visualizations. 

But it even goes beyond that, what if you send your thoughts to something outside of your body.  How does your energy flow outside of your body?  It’s the difference between the particle and the wave.  More on this coming.

Visualizations, placebo effect, and your gut instinct

Imagery has a new found meaning to me.  While digging around in quantum physics I came across some interesting information about our mental images — they are actually created in our minds eye with biophotons.  I have fallen in love with biophotons and spoke about them in detail over the summer.  I will revisit that in our talks over the next month.

Biophotons are quantum molecules — they are photons in our body that emit light and do a lot of super good functions for us.  Biophotons like all quantum molecules can be either a particle or a wave — so matter or energy.  Meaning your visualizations can effect matter — your body … and they can effect energy — your dreams and visions and make them a reality.

In the early 20th century, it was discovered that the laws that govern macroscopic objects do not function the same in such small realms, meaning quantum molecules such as atoms, protons, neutrons, photons, etc. do not function in the same way as larger molecules.

Do you want to use the power of your mind just to heal your body?  Or how about using the power of your mind to heal your body and create what you want in life?

Quantum physics

I picked up a few more tidbits on quantum physics since the summer.   Particularly on the matter vs. the wave.

Dr. Joe Dispenza a researcher who offers workshops and lectures on quantum physics among other topics  talks about connecting to the wave instead of the particle in our life.

Particle is matter. Things … cars computers, houses, clothes,

Wave is energy. Thoughts, feelings, blood flow, dreams, infinite possibilities.

Blood is the particle, blood flow is the wave.   Understand?

When we meditate we connect with the wave.

While we can be successful in the particle plane — building our wealth to build our material goods — this takes time — much more time than what we can build when connected to the wave.

Other places we connect with the wave?

Our gut instinct could be an example of operating in the wave ~


Via the vagus nerve, and it turns out 80% of the communication is gut to brain and only 20% is brain to gut.  Truly our gut informs our brain.  The power starts in the gut.

And this is true for the heart as well!  The heart sends more signals to the brain (telling the brain how to respond) than the brain sends to the heart.

Through the work of HeartMath they discovered our eyes communicate what they see to our heart and gut first, and then to our brain.  They determined this by hooking test subjects up to biofeedback devices, then showing them a horrible picture or a beautiful picture (car crashes vs. flowers) and noting what areas of their body reacted to the scene first.

So what your eyes see communicate in this order:

  1. to your heart
  2. to your gut
  3. to your brain

That split second of reaction time in your heart and gut may be one of the times we are connected to the wave.

Another reason to trust your gut instinct.

To continue to grow in your yoga practice its time to get off the asana plane and get on to the higher levels of living yoga has to offer us. 

Asana has served its purpose, lets not get stuck in it.

Pay attention to your thoughts and what your are feeding and building with your thoughts.

Time to change how you think about your thinking.

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